About Us

Everton are, arguably, one of the biggest names in English football and, as such, deserve a dedicated web blog to showcase and share all the latest news and opinions involving them.

Thus, Everton Analysis was born with the purpose to achieve those aims and give their supporters the only blog they need for all their Toffees needs!

On this site, you will find a number of articles that discuss the latest news involving the Goodison Park outfit – from transfer rumours to player comments, things that pundits have said in the media and the latest remarks from the manager, Carlo Ancelotti.

Opinion pieces will be prevalent throughout the site as well, although this will not be like the ones that you would find in a regular newspaper or on a normal sports website. Our opinion articles are data-driven and contain all the key statistics, helping to build an informed argument and one that can be substantiated wherever a point has been made.

Our primary goal, besides bringing you the best Everton content, is to help further your knowledge and educate you on the tactical elements of the game and perhaps shine a different light on football to which you, the reader, may never have been exposed to before as the mainstream media appears to have brushed it off in the past.

Do you have strong opinions that you want to share with the wider Goodison Park fanbase and feel you can bring an analytical approach to the argument that you are conversing with the readers? Feel you know where exactly the Toffees need to improve their squad and can highlight exactly why?

If you are keen to learn more about the tactical side of the game and are an avid Everton supporter, then why not get involved and apply to write for us?

If you want to contact us or advertise with us – get in touch!


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