The Toffees boss would like to be fighting fit for the return of the Premier League as he hits the roads from a safe space.

Carlo Ancelotti believes that he can emerge from the coronavirus pandemic lay-off at a much healthier state than before the Premier League has been paused.

The Everton manager admits he has knee issues which were only worsening during his all-consuming daily work.

But with soccer on hold in England and around much of the globe, former AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and Real Madrid boss Ancelotti is decided to do himself a major physical fitness favour.

Though he’s Everton’s responsibilities to attend, and is devouring string on Netflix and Apple TV, Ancelotti is making the most of his opportunity to walk and cycle, ensuring that he gets his daily allowed exercise.

“When I’m working I have no opportunity to get this done, so I have issues with my knees,” Ancelotti said. “I try to utilize this time to enhance the condition of my knees. I like to hear the noise of my bicycle.”

Had he was in his biography of Italy, Ancelotti would not possess such freedom.That nation is on a tighter lockdown than England, also Ancelotti knows he is fortunate to have an opportunity to get out and around near his coastal Crosby home, a brief distance north of Liverpool.

The 60-year-old stressed the need to observe social distancing whilst exercising.

“But from another element, the fact we’ve got the option to walk and bike is very important to ourselves – it’s a good time for this.

“I met some fans outside biking, from a safe distance, of course. In Italy, you aren’t permitted to do this.

“I’m connected with a lot of people in Italy and they must stay at home, therefore it’s not a fantastic time for them.”

When Ancelotti is not hoping to squeeze in some practice, he is likely in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.

“During the daytime that I really like to cook,” Ancelotti said. “I spend time cooking because it is one of my passions.

“My best dish? It’s pasta. I will do pasta Bolognese, I can make pasta with mushrooms, I can make pasta carbonara. I am really good, I think!

“I do not make my own pasta, that is the next step, my own homemade pasta.”