The 22-year-old has enjoyed an impressive time for Lille and speculation has promised that Chelsea, combined with Premier League competitions Arsenal and Everton, are eager on a $37m summertime bargain.

The centre-back is under contract for another 3 decades and, while focusing on his responsibilities with Lille, confessed he had been a lover of Chelsea director Lampard through the prior England global midfielder’s playing times.

“He was a fantastic player certainly,” Gabriel informed UOL when asked about the possibility of being trained by Lampard. “He’s just one of the players I admired on the little display.

“But we must be calm with this.”

“The focus today is to come back to play and finish the season in a high degree, and qualifying Lille for your 2020-21 Champions League.”

I tell my supervisors who, now, I need to know as small as possible in order to not eliminate focus on the pitch.

“I’m pleased to see that my name is connected with fantastic teams. It demonstrates that the work I have done so far was great.

“I also see numerous fans of both teams knocking on my articles on Instagram. It is amusing.”

Gabriel, who combined Lille in 2017, was described as a”complete machine” from the Ligue 1 club president Gerard Lopez, with there lots of attention from the protector.

“It is correct he would love to proceed and try something different out. We have not taken that choice yet, but he has received quite a few supplies,” Lopez lately told Sky Sports.

“I believe he is nearer to a single club compared to others, but nothing is done yet so we will see.

“He is a complete machine, so for me, he is well on his way, if not this season, to possibly a very major club. I am sure he is on his way into the Brazilian national group sooner or later.

“He has been connected to 2 clubs in the united kingdom and he has been connected to other clubs which have acquired or moved ahead with suggestions for him personally, but we are not in a rush and we are not playing at this time. The player is not on the pitch”