The goalkeeper hits back at the criticism he has received in the wake of another error in the Premier League.

Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford says that he gets “hurt” by the criticism he receives and feels despised because he’s an England player.

The shot stopper made headlines for a blunder that allowed Crystal Palace to equalise against Everton in Saturday’s Premier League match.

Pickford, 25, has been criticised for high-profile errors because he impressed in the final World Cup with England.

And the shot stopper says it seems like fans and the press hates Three Lions players, calling out Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville to get a number of his comments.

“I think the press and everyone, the punters – look at Gary Neville – they only need to come for England players,” he said.

“Everyone will get stick. That is part of being an England player. You need to live with it, you have got to learn.

“You just keep it away from the mind as the one person who can sort out things is yourself, on the pitch and in training. Every England player will get stick. Some get a whole lot more praise than others. He got letters each week.

I know what I am capable of and I know what I am good at.

“I know I have been good for England. It is funny because everyone raves about you once you are with England, but then you return to your club and everybody would like to slate you. I don’t let it influence me. However, it will p*ss off you.”

Pickford allowed a tame effort from Christian Benteke slide past him at the weekend clash but recovered to pull off an impressive save to prevent Palace from yanking level again later in the second half.

And he’s confident he’ll shake off the disappointment to get back on form.

“I think it only shows my psychological character,” he added. “People probably doubt me week in, week out. But I know what I’m capable of and I know what I could do. I’ll keep pushing. I’ve attained a certain degree and I do not want to stop.”